Monday, February 19

Rain Moistens the Soil

It's raining again
It's raining cats and dogs
It's raining again
and I can't go out and play
I am bored

It's raining again
the clouds are grey
sometimes black
water is falling and it's damp
houses are

It's raining again
the streets are empty and it's cold
Inside, my dad is

It's raining again
It drives my mum crazy
because she can't put out the

This is good
because I don't have to help.


Drawing by Junior 4 2019/2020

Sunday, February 18


The word is breakfast

Make some sentences – perhaps using some grammar you've learnt recently – using the word breakfast.

Some efforts from my class placed into verse:


I always have to eat breakfast
(even if I'm late for school)
Today I have had breakfast
What about you?

We should eat breakfast every day
or we will die
Yesterday my mum was going to prepare the breakfast
but the phone rang

So I had ice cream


Saturday, February 17


Shimpei Takahashi shares a simple word game anyone can play to generate new ideas. (Ted Talk in Japanese with English subtitles.)

Friday, February 16

Almond Appreciation

A classic test of creativity. Complete the drawings below with your own ideas. Higher praise is awarded for detail, humour or fantasy. To present the drawing: I have drawn... In this picture... This picture shows... 

Thursday, February 15

Unconditional Love

First make a list of five to ten objects or places and then complete the sentence below with your own ideas. Look at the examples from my classes to see how it's done.

1, If I were ___ you'd be ___

If I were a book you'd be the words
If I were a dance you'd be my moves
If I were a beach you'd be the sea
If I were a mountain you'd be my gravity

If I were a song you'd be the lyrics
If I were the trees you'd be the forest
If I were a chicken you'd be the potatoes
If I were a cliff you'd be my

Drawing by Guillermo

Wednesday, February 14


What I love about ___ 

Generate a list of objects, people and actions you love then complete the sentence above with your own ideas. Here are some examples from my class to help. 

Lower Level Love

What I love about my grandma
is her cooking

What I love about my computer
is it’s really fast

What I love about summer
is not going to school

What I love about cats
is they are so cute and furry

Advanced Love

What I love about my mobile phone
is its staggeringly-biblical capability

What I love about Tik Tok
is peoples absolutely amazing creativity

What I love about thin-crust pizza
is its emotional support

What I love about fries is they go well with everything
and are extremely versatile

Drawing by Lucía G

Wednesday, February 7

The New Rose - by Spike Milligan

 The new rose

trembles with early beauty The babe sees the beckoning carmine the tiny hand clutches the cruel stem The babe screams The rose is silent Life is already telling lies.

Drawing by Blanca

Tuesday, February 6

Advice Bureau

What advice would a ____ (animal, object, place) give to its offspring?
Think of 3 or 4 things.

Saturday, February 3


something out loud.

Wednesday, January 31


:saedi emos

1) Spell your name in reverse
2) Count / say the alphabet backwards
3) Write a word in reverse (example: yadretsey)
4) Write words in a sentence in reverse (example: park the to went I yesterday)
5) Write a sentence completely in reverse (example: krap eht ot tnew I tadretsey)
6) Read reversed sentences, maybe make it a game
7) Reverse the rules of a game. For example first team to get 3 in a line loses.

Monday, January 29

Sunday, January 28

Opposites 2

Here is a list of opposites:

1) Day and Night
2) Rich and poor
3) Sea and beach
4) Read and write
5) TV and phone
6) House and flat
7) Walk and drive
8) Cat and dog
9) Car and bus
10) Sweet and savoury

With another person, choose one word each from a pair and then argue why the word you chose is better. The other will argue that the opposite thing is better. 1 or 2 minutes?

Saturday, January 27


Using the word cake and the words below

Make some sentences

1, If
2, yet
3, not as
4, since
5, quickly
6, might
7, than
8, most
9, should
10, never

2, I haven't eaten the cake yet

Drawing by Miguel

Friday, January 26

A Land Down Under


After you've decided if each sentence below is
make some about the country or place where you live.


1) The official language is French
2) It is the best country in the world!
3) The doctors have wings and can fly
4) The people are so friendly
5) Your teacher is from Australia
6) Below is a picture of your teacher in Australia
7) My mum thinks that Australia is dangerous
8) They use € for money
9) The capital is Sydney
10) There are lots of tigers in Australia

Thursday, January 25


What is the opposite of these words?

1, read
2, cheese
3, clean
4, easy
5, beach
6, sunrise
7, tidy
8, zebra
9, noise

Quote from @purlandtraining'The aim is to foster discussion among language students. Not all antonym pairs have to be binary e.g. yes/no, black/white. What is the opposite of 'beach' for you? For me it would be 'office'

Wednesday, January 24

My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun

This poem is a powerful look at the gun violence issue framed through a classroom writing exercise.

The Opposites Game (Youtube video)

Tuesday, January 23

Compare & Contrast

1) Keep calm and compare and contrast the two words

1, a cat and a dog
2, Spain and Japan
3, Twitter and Instagram
4, The mountains and the beach
5, Watching sport live and watching it on TV
6, Football and basketball
7, The city and the countryside
8, You and your best friend
9, Netflix and the cinema 

and then say which you prefer.

 Keep calm and compare and contrast the two words but using the word in (brackets)

1, February, July (however)
2, cat, dog (while)
3, Cádiz, San Fernando (both, but) Two cities 
4, carrot, strawberry (the main difference)
5, France, Argentina (neither)
6, nose, feet (whereas)
7, knife, sword (on one hand)
8, coffee, lemonade (however)
9, teacher, student (unlike)

and then say which you prefer.

Drawing by Andrea

Monday, January 22


Here are some answers to some questions. What are the questions?

1, I keep in touch with my friends using WhatsApp.
2, My French teacher is fun and explains things very well
3, I like action or fantasy books
4, I’m going to stay at home
5, Yes, I make my bed and help in the kitchen.
6, I’d like to study medicine or maybe be a lawyer
7, Once or twice a month
8, Yes I have. I went in 2018.
9, Not much. I did some homework and then watched Netflix with my cat

Drawing by Marta

Saturday, January 20

Advanced Synonyms

The words is HAPPY
Here below are synonyms for that word with letters missing
How many do you think you know of the 7?

G _ _ _

_ ERR _

_ L _ A _ ED

DELIG _ T_ _



_ _ _ _ LLED

Activity from GoGetters

Friday, January 19

Poetry in 13

Write a (if not poetic then a simple) sentence of 13 words using a starter word. Perhaps a word from the last class: FRIGHTENING

Example: I met you in the cinema after we watched that frightening film in Peru.

Thursday, January 18

Connect Disconnect

Make a list of ten words connected to _____
The words must begin with the letters below:

A ___
B ___
C ___
D ___
E ___
F ___
G ___
H ___


Make a list of ten words not connected to _____.
The words must begin with the letters above

Wednesday, January 17


First copy or ask someone to dictate these words to you

1, happy
2, immature
3, outgoing
4, green
5, confusing
6, icy
7, honest
8, strong
9, scary
10, baggy

Then from this grid below match the synonyms.
When you have finished choose one word and try a Poetry in 13.

Tuesday, January 16

Dandelion Wine

“A good night sleep, or a ten minute bawl, or a pint of chocolate ice cream, or all three together, is good medicine.”
Ray Bradbury - Dandelion Wine

What in your opinion is good medicine? Make a list.

Saturday, January 13

What do things Dream of?

Look at this list. What do you think these things dream of?

1, a notebook
2, a streetlight
3, a frog
4, the sea
5, a computer
6, your pet / sibling
7, a wall
8, a lamp
9, a pencil case

Think of another object. What does it dream of?

Here are the efforts from my classes put into verse:

Idea From Brian Moses

Friday, January 12

Poetry at Work

I have self
I have intelligence
I have creativity
To transcend
I have youth
I have space
Radical possibility
I have praise
I have expectation
Looking forward
I have memories
Thank you

Above is a poem by me. Inspired by the poem below by Tomaz Salamun. We could ask our learners - What do you have? And tell me something about it.

Thursday, January 11


Note to self: Don't forget the simple, classic games.

Tuesday, January 9

Last Christmas 2

What did you do in the holidays?
Here is an A to Z of what my students did in the holidays.
Can you guess what the verbs are?
An example: USED my phone all day

Monday, January 8

Mad Libs


Write some ideas for the following on a bit of paper. Without looking at PART 2

a) two animals (e.g. pig and cat)
b) a food
c) a place in the town where you live
d) An object
e) Another object


Put your words in the spaces below.

a) Do you prefer _____ or _____? (e.g. Do you prefer pigs or cats?)
b) When was the last time you ate 
c) What are the main problems with_____?
d) What are the positives of_____?
e) Describe a typical day for a/an _____.

Ask a partner the questions.

Saturday, January 6

Last Christmas 1

What presents didn’t you receive?

Sunday, December 17


How many words are contained in each sentence.

1, Howdoyouusuallykeepintouchwithyourfriends?

2, Tellmeaboutyourfavouriteteacher.

3, Whatkindofthingsdoyoulikereading?

4, Whatareyougoingtodothisevening?

5, Doyouhelpyourparentswithjobsaroundthehouse?

6. Whatwouldyouliketostudyinthefuture?

7. Howoftendoyougotothecinema?

8. HaveyouevertravelledtoFrance?

9. Whatdidyoudolastnight?

Now answer them.

Drawing by Pelayo