Irregular Verse

poems/prose written by me using irregular verbs as inspiration.

How could you use it in class?
01 Read it. Check understanding.
02 Present it as a gap fill with the verbs in infinitive at the top.
03 Do a Disappearing Sentence.
04 What's the question? After reading, present some answers that need questions. e.g. Last Thursday / President / He built bridges / He caught a cold

01 The President
(be, beat, become, begin, bite, blow up, break, build, buy, catch, could)

It was last Thursday
that I beat the competition
and became president.

began changing the world,
bit my lip and blew up some enemies.
I broke down walls and built bridges between countries.

bought presents for everyone.
could do anything!
But then I caught a cold

and needed to stay in bed.

02 Two Pizzas
(choose, come, cost, cut, do, drink, drive, eat, fall, felt)

The pizza came with a free drink
and cost only €6
so I chose to order two

cut them into eight slices
like I always did
and ate them (not with you)

drank two cokes
and fell in love
with the taste of hot pepperoni

But then I felt sick
so dad drove me home
(Whose name by the way is Tony)

03 The Morning
(fight, fly, forget, get up, give, go, grow up, have, hear)

got up at eight and had a shower.
heard my mum CALL my name.

flew to the kitchen, found my breakfast waiting
and then fought with my brother.
I heard my mum SHOUT my name.

went to school in a hurry but I forgot my books.
I heard my mum YELL my name

She gave me the books.
I gave her a kiss.
grew up with mornings just like this.

04 Tennis
(give, hit, hold, hurt, keep, know leave, let, lose, make, meet)

She held the racquet tight
and HIT the ball
but she hurt her arm (badly)

She kept playing
She knew she could win
But then she lost her arm (sadly)

She left her arm with her mum
and let her other arm play
and she made history (gladly)

She met the King
who gave her the cup
The moral of the poem is...

never give up. 

05 The Book
(pay, put, read, ride, ring, run, say, see, sell, send)

She said she saw it and read about it on the internet.
She said it was on a website that sold books.
She said her older sister paid for it.
She said the book was about a woman who rode a horse.
She said they sent it in the post.
She said when the doorbell rang she ran to the front door to get it.
She said she put the book on her shelf and said it looked shiny and great.
She said she hasn't read it because she doesn't like reading.

06 The Break up 
(shut, sing, sink, sit, sleep, steal, speak, swim, spend, stand)

My heart sank
when you shut the door
You stole my happiness
When you swam from my shore
stood alone at the window
sat and slept on the floor
I could not be happy

spent a long long time
not knowing what to do
Until at last one day
met somebody new

We spoke of anything and everything,
and everything was true
and I sang and I sang and at last...

I forgot about you.

07 School
(take, teach, tell, write, think, understand, wake up, wear, win)

woke up and wore the usual clothes to school 
took the usual route to school
They taught me things at school
They told me things at school
wrote it all in my book at school
thought I understood it all
Later I won a game of basketball
Then I went home and forgot it all
(Except the basketball)