Speaking activities in pairs, groups or around the class:

1) Students tell a story saying one word each

2) Students tell a story saying two words each (and so on)

3) Students say a word each, but each time repeating the whole sentence:

Student A: I
Student B: I went
Student C: I went to
Student A: I went to the
Student B: I went to the beach.

4) Proverbs / Advice
Sentences starting with always or never.

Student A: Always
Student B: listen
Student A: to
Student B: your
Student A: cat

5) The Fortune Teller (with Two Heads)
Two students are fortune tellers. Other students ask them questions about the future. The Fortune tellers answers the question one word at a time per student.

Question: Where will I live?
Student A: You
Student B: will
Student A: live
Student B: on
Student A: the
Student B: moon

6) The Experts
It turns out (it is decided) two students are the experts in something.
For example they are experts in cooking, video games, The Internet, fish, space, stars, dreams, the future...

Invite the class to ask questions that they'd like to know about the subject.

The experts respond to the questions as they wish.

Question: What is the biggest fish in the world?
Student A: Well
Student B: The
Student A: Biggest
Student B: Fish
Student A: In
Student B: The

and so on...

7) Fortunately / Unfortunately
In pairs / groups or around the class students have a conversation alternating between Fortunately and Unfortunately.

Teacher can provide a first sentence to begin
(e.g. Fortunately I had no homework today.)
Next student says something unfortunate
(e.g. Unfortunately, my mum made me study anyway).
Next student states a fortunate event
(e.g., Fortunately, I was studying on the computer so I could go on Facebook)

and so on...