Alternative Proverbs

1) Ask the group: What is a proverb? Do you know any in your own language?

2) Display (or dictate) the first part of some English proverbs. Ask the group to try and complete them. 

3) Make a note of some of the more creative answers before revealing the correct ones.

Here are my classes guesses / alternative proverbs:

All good things must... happen.

Better late than... dirty.

If it isn't broken... use it.

If you can't beat them... confuse them.

You can't teach an old dog... maths.

Knowledge is... nature.

Sleep the best medicine.

No man is a... ghost.

Practice makes... humanity.

The early bird... doesn't have a life.

The grass is always... growing.

The pen is mightier than... the pencil.

Time is... over.

Too many cooks... too much food.

You can take a horse to water... but you'll get wet.

Children should be seen and not... eaten.

Where there's smoke there's... drugs.

You can't always get... popcorn in the cinema.

4) Recycle the original proverbs with some games