Eight Way Thinking

Using a random noun: tea bag

01 Find connections with tea bag and the following categories.

Numbers: 40 bags in a box, stew for 5 minutes, tea for two
Words: pyramid, refreshing, lovely
People: The British, builders, adults
Feelings: calm, warmth, happy
Nature: plants, leaves, fruit 
Actions: squeeze, dunk, steep
Sights:  steam, darkening water, tea leaves
Sounds: boil, clink, dribble

02 Alternatively ask students to think of questions related to the noun and the categories.

Numbers: How long should you wait before you take the tea bag out?
Words: What is the shape of the tea bag?
People: Who normally buys tea bags?
Feelings: How do you feel when you make tea?
Nature: Where does tea come from?
Actions: What is the action for leaving a tea bag in the cup?
Sights: What happens to the water when the tea bag is put in?
Sounds: What is the sound for when a tea spoon hits the side of a cup?