Fact, Opinion, False.

A thinking activity.
01 Present the following sentences to the students somehow and ask them to say if they are fact (true), opinion or false.

1.The cat is an animal. (fact)
2 Cats see in black and white (false)
3 Chocolate can be toxic to cats. (fact)
Everybody likes cats. (opinion)
Cats are in the same family as Lions and tigers. (fact)
6 Cats are nocturnal (fact)
Cats have more teeth than dogs. (false)
8 Seeing a black cat on a Saturday brings good luck. (opinion)
9 Cats always land on their feet. (false) 
10 When people see a cat, they want to touch it. (opinion)

02 As a follow up activity ask the students to create fact, false or opinion sentences about something they know. I chose the town they live in for my class but you could leave it open. Everyone reads out their sentences and as a class we decided if they were fact, opinion or false.

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