01 Display 4 different animals on the board:

Blue whales

02 Can you say why each animal is the odd one out on the list?

e.g. The Blue whale because it lives in water.

03 Change a noun to an adjective and rank the animals in the order of most to least (in your opinion of course).


e.g. BEAUTY (beautiful): 1. Butterfly  2. Blue Whale  3. Bear  4. Bat

04 Make comparisons with the adjectives and write some sentences:

I think Blue whales are more beautiful than bears
but butterflies are the most beautiful.
The bat is the least beautiful/ ugliest.

05 Other ideas...

a) Complete the sentence: If I were (one of the animals) I would _____

b) Invent some facts: (Did you know that...)
Did you know that Blue whales used to be green

c) Each person says something different about the animal around the class until somebody can't.

d) If (one of the animals) ruled the world what changes would we see?

e) If you could talk to (one of the animals) what would it say?

f) How would life be different if we didn't have (one of the animals)?

g) Advice for young animals from their parents: Write three things one of the animals would say to its children. In my class one student drew the blue whale and wrote: Never leave the water. You should always stay with your family. Don't eat your brothers and sisters.

h) Create a new animal from two of the animals. e.g. Butterbear. Draw the animal and write about where it lives, what it does every day and what it eats.

06 Next time use 4 different animals.