'A ditloid is a type of word puzzle, in which a phrase, quotation, date, or fact must be deduced from the numbers and abbreviated letters in the clue. Common words such as 'the', 'in', 'a', 'an', 'of', 'to', etc. are not normally abbreviated.' - Wikipedia.

I have used Ditloids as a class warmer. I have a few on display on the board as the students come in at the start. Here are some examples for you and yours to work out:

365 D in a Y = 365 days in a year
24 H in a D
26 L in the A
60 M in an H
12 M in the Y
7 D in a W
11 P in a F T
64 S on a C B
18 H on a G C
8 T on an

Afterwards maybe they can make their own...

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