Eating out

1) Choose SIX well known restaurants from the area where you teach and display them on the board (or just elicit some from the class)

2) Students, in pairs, talk about all the restaurants, whether they like or don't like them and decide on the one (and only one) they are going to eat at.

language - suggesting, agreeing and disagreeing.

Alternative Conversation

1) Rank the restaurants from 1 to 6.  Number 1 being the best and then compare the list with a friend.

2) Find some similarities and differences between your favourite restaurant and your friends favourite (or second favourite)

3) Suggest some improvements to your least favourite restaurant. (anything goes)

Other ideas... 

replace restaurants with...
6 films
6 types of holiday
6 travel destinations around the world
6 activities for the weekend
6 things that annoy you
6 things that people do that annoy you
6 Things that are boring

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