What's the Question?

Idea 1) Place some answers on a O's and X's style grid.  Students have to ask the correct question to be able to play a round and try to get 3 in a line.

Idea 2) Imagine you have these 4 answers on a slip of paper:

a) Yes, I do.
b) New York.
c) The day before yesterday
d) No, I haven't

You need to ask another person in a room a question so that they say one of the answers exactly on your slip of paper.
For example number 1: Do you like Pizza?


Alex said...

Thanks. I wrote answers (see below) on cards. In small groups (3-6), A student picks a card from the pile. The St has to ask another st a question to elicit an answer including exactly what is written on the card. 4 pts to asker, 1 pt to answerer. If unsuccessful, sts can ask another st. 3 points for asker, 2 for answerer. Etc.

yes, I do.
New York.
the day before yesterday
no, I haven't
I’ve no idea
whenever I can
if they want to
every Saturday morning
no, I didn’t
Whitley Bay
yes, I can
I don’t think so
fish and chips
42 inches
twice a week
at seven o clock
by bus
the day after tomorrow
before I go to sleep
in 1969
at the Artium
behind the railway station
on foot
yes, I would
at the supermarket
every morning
yes, it is
three times a/per year
a mile
in July
in Lakua
two weeks
with rice
a pint of beer
by (aero)plane
with my girl/boyfriend
next to my bed
on the sofa
Why not?
I think so
last month
ar Christmas

Steve Oliver said...

Thanks Alex. Using those today :)