Mindfulness with Len: What do we know?

…We have a firm opinion about our strengths and weaknesses, we believe we know enough to know our character, and recognise our limits.  In this we know, strictly speaking, absolutely nothing.

What we “know” about ourselves, we have learnt through comparison.  All the characteristics that we have attributed to ourselves, we have taken using another person as our standard.  We only know how we are in comparison with other people.  We compare ourselves with what we have learnt, with what others have taught us, with how we are to be like, with how success is to be achieved, with how one should become educated or how others imagine we are to be or to behave.  Therefore even our behaviours are relative.  They orient themselves on the standards that are essentially relativistic…. 

Believe me, the average person has not the faintest idea, not a clue, what they really are.

- Theo Fischer -

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