Ten Things

A simple activity to practice giving reasons and agreeing / disagreeing.

An example...

1. Tell students in groups to make a list of 10 things that people take on holiday with them.
2. Collect some of the ideas on the board.
3. Take the word 'suitcase'.  Ask students to tell you one reason why people take suitcases on holiday.
4. Ask students to give you one reason why people might not take a suitcase on holiday.
5. Ask students to give other reasons for and against taking a suitcase on holiday.
6. Put students in small groups and tell them to choose 3 or 4 other objects on the board and discuss reasons both for and against taking them on holiday and to agree or disagree with the people in the group and say why or why not.


Activities that a school could offer students after school
Ways of improving your language academy
Ways of spending a weekend
Different Ideas for a friends birthday present

For each activity elicit some ideas for the class and repeat as above

A Further variation...

Elicit 10 random nouns before you start the activity.  Then ask them to use those nouns to

Choose a present for a friend
Use the objects to escape a room full of Zombies
Improve your language academy
Escape a desert Island...

and complete the activity as above.

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