Improvised Role Play

In pairs...

A is on the phone to B. Arrange to meet somewhere.
A is on the moon / mars / another planet. B asks questions.
A is a human. B is a tree.
A is a child and doesn't want to go to school. B is the parent.
A is the boss of a company.  B is always late.
A works in an Electronics store. B has a faulty product.
A has failed a lot of exams at school.  B listens and gives advice
A is a tourist. B is a visitor to their town.

Alternative Idea

Present students with the first line of a dialogue.

e.g. 1) 'Something smells delicious.'

Ask them what situations the sentence might be heard. Then, in pairsor  small groups let them improvise a conversation for a minute using that line as the first line. 

Other sentences...

2) 'That sounds like their car.'
3) 'It smells as if it's burnt.'
4) 'It sounds as if you have a cold.'
5) 'It doesn't taste like it normally does.'
6) That guitarist looks drunk.
7) 'It looks like it's going to rain.'

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