The FIVE senses

All ideas taken from The British Councils publication Creative Ways

Activity 1

You are slightly unique and you have decided for your friends birthday you are going to give them a present for each of their senses.  Compose the list of things or experiences.  E.g. a bar of chocolate for its taste / the taste of chocolate.

Activity 2

Things I really love.  In pairs or in a group write a list of things you really love.
When you have a list, choose the top 5 and try and associate the 5 senses to them.

Repeat the activity for Things I really hate.

Activity 3

1) Complete the sentence When I think of summer...
2) Try and relate what you said about summer to the five senses. For example... When I think of summer I think of ice cream.  I can feel it dripping coldly onto my hand, it's glowing in the sunlight, it smells of chocolate and strawberry, it makes my teeth freeze, I can hear the sound of the sea nearby, seagulls swooping overhead and my bare feet in warm flip flops.
3) Repeat

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