What's this in my bin?

An idea for a warmer (as they call it).  This afternoon I stepped into my classroom and as the lights flickered on I saw that there were two unexpected things looking up at me from the bin - an empty packet of fritos crisps and an empty 4-pack of alkaline AA batteries.  Which gave me an idea.

When my first class came in 5 minutes later (who are quite an imaginative bunch) I held the things up in the air and said "I found these in my bin when I arrived...  What do you think happened here this morning?

I gave them 2/3 minutes to talk with their partner and come up with an imaginative story and afterwards we listened to everybody's ideas - one of which was that the other teachers had had a party without me, sharing the one packet of crisps and that the batteries were for a mini stereo they were listening to music on.

I am now thinking I might plant two  random things in the bin before class next week to see what stories they can come up with.

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