Signs, Notices & Messages

Part 1 of the Cambridge PET (B1) reading paper involves understanding signs, notices & messages.  As a revision activity in class we went through the following types of language below that could appear in this part of the exam (taken from a Cambridge handout) and imagined a situation where we might find/see them.

prohibiting, requesting, inviting, apologising, warning, advising, explaining, instructing, greeting, thanking

Some examples my students came up with...
Prohibiting - A river or lake, 'You are not allowed to fish here.'
Apologising - Roadworks, 'We are sorry for the delay to your journey'
Greeting - Airport, 'Welcome to Spain.' 
Inviting - email, 'Please come to my Party this weekend'
and so on for all of them

Following that discussion I assigned one place to each pair of students e.g A river or lake to one pair and roadworks to another etc.  I then asked them to write down a sign for every word type for that place.

e.g. Airport
Prohibiting- Smoking is prohibited in the airport
Requesting - Please stay with your luggage at all times
Instructing -  Do not panic if the plane crashes

As usual plenty of room for creativity, one group came up with a whole set of signs for Mcdonalds restaurant and as long as the language was good whether the sign would really be seen in real life wasn't too important.

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